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Maciej Markiewicz’s art is an outcome of practicing “total art”. The artist, who is a pianist by profession and education (Maciej Markiewicz Pianist), has created a unique synthesis of arts, with painting complementing the existence of music.


Markiewicz was born on 7 May 1967. From a young age, he was fascinated with painting. Even as a preschooler he watched and imitated his father, painting oils. Mesmerised by Prof. Wiktor Zin’s TV show “Piórkiem i węglem” [With a pen and kohl], he developed his skills growing up. At the age of 16, he took part in the Professor’s workshops in Cracow for the first time. Personal encounters with Prof. Zin have left a lasting impression on his painting, making watercolours and drawing his preferred techniques.


While studying at the Academy of Music in Poznań, Markiewicz continued to develop his passion. He built up an extensive collection of paintings at that time, and the exhibitions of his works enjoyed considerable success. It’s worth mentioning that for a student it was a significant source of income, particularly the exhibitions in the Old Square in Poznań.


Markiewicz has painted several thousand paintings, some of which adorn the walls of commercial institutions as well as those of private art collectors. His exhibitions have been organised for years in various configurations, usually accompanying concerts, both at home and abroad (e.g. in Germany, Austria, Holland).


The painting techniques the artist explores include watercolours and drawing. Watercolour is generally accepted as one of the most difficult techniques and, once mastered, can be a very expressive and spontaneous medium. It is regarded as a drawing technique, and had served as underpainting for oil paintings from the Middle Ages up to the Victorian era. Only then did English painters, such as Joseph Mallord, William Turner, Thomas Girtin, David Cox, Richard Parkes Bonington, John Sell Cotman, John Constable, elaborate the art of painting with watercolours into an independent painting technique. For Markiewicz, they have been an object of study as well as a source of inspiration.  Personalities which have impacted the artist’s work also include the masters of Polish landscape, such as: Julian Fałat, Józef Chełmoński, Józef Rapacki, Michał Pociecha, Stanisław Masłowski.


Markiewicz’s work harmonises with stoicism, a philosophical movement placing emphasis on living in accord with nature and spiritual equilibrium. The artist has achieved his “stoic calm” in compositions of nature, landscapes and figures. At the same time, Markiewicz’s art is passionate, soulful, expressive and elegant. His works, both outdoor and indoor, are imbued with a certain lightness, whim, a unique ambience and mystery.



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Maciej Markiewicz


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